Cedar Valley Corp., LLC is a leader in the construction industry, providing its employees with one of the most comprehensive benefit packages available. The following highlights the benefits provided to employees of Cedar Valley Corp., LLC and their families. These benefits are in addition to the employee's regular hourly rate of pay. Current available positions.

Health Insurance

Cedar Valley Corp., LLC provides a quality health insurance plan to employees effective when the employee reports for work on their first day. Employees may choose to purchase health coverage for their spouse and/or eligible children. Dependent and spouse coverage takes effect the same day as the employee's coverage. The cost of dependent and spouse coverage is largely subsidized by the company and is determined by tier of coverage chosen by the employee.

Employees of Cedar Valley Corp., LLC save money by taking their prescription drug card to one of the local network pharmacies where they are able to purchase a maximum 30-day supply at reduced rates. Employees may also use the mail order service, allowing purchases of up to a 91-day supply of medications. The co-insurance for prescription drugs  is determined by the level of insurance for which the employee qualifies.

401(k) Plan

Cedar Valley Corp., LLC offers both the standard 401(k) and Roth 401(k) plans.

Beginning with hourly employees' first hour worked, $1 per hour worked will be placed into each employee's standard 401(k) plan. This plan is 100% vested immediately for hourly employees and is in addition to the employee's regular rate of pay.

In addition, employees may also choose to defer a portion of their earnings (up to the current maximum allowed by the IRS) to their 401(k) plan. Employees choose if they wish to have these contributions deposited to their standard 401(k) plan or to a Roth 401(k) plan.

Life Insurance

The first of the month following six months of active employment, hourly employees are enrolled in a group term life insurance plan that provides $20,000 coverage on the employee, $5,000 on the spouse and $2,500 on each eligible dependent child. Cedar Valley Corp., LLC pays the entire premium.

Travel Per Diem

Daily per diem is paid by Cedar Valley Corp., LLC to help offset the costs incurred when living "on the road." Hourly employees qualify for daily per diem when the jobsite is a reasonable distance from their home.

Daily per diem is paid when an employee is instructed to report for work, arrives at the jobsite on time and is prepared to work.  Daily per diem payments are made whether the crew works or not, provided all other conditions are met.

Safety Incentives

Cedar Valley Corp., LLC strives to instill in each employee the desire to keep our entire workforce accident-free through its Safety Incentive Programs. Therefore, all employees are required to follow our safety program. By working safely, employees of Cedar Valley Corp., LLC are eligible to earn "safety dollars", which are redeemed for gift cards.

Cedar Valley Corp., LLC has implemented a high visibility, safety clothing policy for all its field crews. Employees are required to wear high visibility safety green shirts (or vests) at all times on the job.  Employees are provided with a safety vest upon beginning employment.  Safety clothing items are available for purchase by employees at a reduced rate. Payroll deduction may be used to purchase the clothing items.

Outstanding Employee Award

This program recognizes one employee annually who has shown exemplary effort in his/her daily work assignments. Award recipients receive company-wide recognition and $250.

Big Idea Program

The Big Idea Program encourages employees of Cedar Valley Corp., LLC to think constructively about their work and suggest ways to improve the quality of products or processes.

Adopted ideas can mean cash awards, merchandise, or other rewards for the employee as well as recognition in the company newsletter.

In-House Referral Plan

Cedar Valley Corp., LLC believes current employees serve as the best recruiters of new employees. Employees may earn up to $950 in gift cards when they refer a candidate who is hired and remains with the company for a specified number of pay periods and returns to work consecutive years.

Advancement Opportunities

Cedar Valley Corp., LLC encourages employees to advance in their career by participating in training when available. Internal promotions may be made when individuals exhibit the skills required for open positions. Historically, many of our salaried field personnel have advanced through the hourly field ranks.