Awards & Recognition - All Awards - 2023

Posted On: 03/30/2023
In determining the winners of Iowa's most prestigious paving awards, 86 nominated projects were rated on smoothness, quality control, general appearane and workmanship, contractor management, safety, and project complexity. The ICPA and the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT), jointly evaluated and recognized projects as 2020's best concrete pavements built in twenty categories. Read more
Posted On: 03/02/2023
The American Concrete Pavement Association recently awarded two gold "Excellence in Concrete Paving" awards to Cedar Valley at their 59th annual meeting in Nashville, TN. The awards are given to projects that represent the best built jobs in the nation, and to apply, a contractor must first win at the state level. Cedar Valley has won a whopping 23 ACPA "Excellence in Concrete Paving" awards over the last ten years. Read more
Posted On: 03/02/2023
The Associated General Contractors (AGC) bestows the Bravo Award in recognition of a company's substantial contribution to Iowa through community service and philanthropy, and for serving as a leading example of corporate responsiveness on the part of the construction industry. Read more
Posted On: 02/02/2023
Cedar Valley was named recipient of the second place ROSE Award in the Portland Cement Paving Division for contractors in the 150,001 – 300,000 work hours category. This award is presented to contractors who demonstrate a cultural commitment to safety, have innovative safety programs and have achieved zero work site fatalities and work site hazard identification and control. The top safety programs also feature active employee participation, safety training, and work site hazard identification and control. Read more