Awards & Recognition - All Awards - 2016

Posted On: 04/15/2016
The Associated General Contractors (AGC) bestows the Bravo Award in recognition of a company's substantial contribution to Iowa through community service and philanthropy, and for serving as a leading example of corporate responsiveness on the part of the construction industry. Read more
Posted On: 04/15/2016
Cedar Valley Corp., LLC was the recipient of five Concrete Paving Awards presented by the Iowa Concrete Paving Association (ICPA) during the 52nd Annual Concrete Paving Workshop on January 28, 2016. These awards recognize the best portland cement concrete pavements constructed during 2015. Read more
Posted On: 01/05/2016
In baseball terms, if a player hits a single, a double, a triple, and a home run all in one game it is called “hitting for the cycle”. Cedar Valley Corp., LLC, a Waterloo-based contractor, has “hit for the cycle” by winning four 2015 American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) Excellence in Concrete Pavement awards. Cedar Valley Corp. was the only contractor to win more than two awards this year. Read more