2018 Bravo Award

Date Published: Monday, January 21, 2019

The Associated General Contractors (AGC) bestows the Bravo Award in recognition of a company's substantial contribution to Iowa through community service and philanthropy, and for serving as a leading example of corporate responsiveness on the part of the construction industry.

Cedar Valley Corp.’s company philosophy has always been one of giving back to the industry and communities from which its livelihood is drawn. Because of their philanthropic attitude and generous employees, Cedar Valley Corp. was presented with the 2018 Bravo Award by the Associated General Contractors of Iowa at the annual convention in January 2019.

The following represents only a small listing of benefits gained by Cedar Valley Corp.'s monetary and service donations:

  • provide financial support to host the Relay for Life which raises funds to provide life-saving cancer research studies, education and prevention intiatives, and crucial patient care programs;
  • provide outcomes-based grants for teachers, funding for students to pursue their academic interests, and fund large projects that have the potential to impact learning district-wide;
  • provide resources to improve the education, health and wellness of the community resulting in long lasting change;
  • improve the quality of life for people with mental illness through advocacy, education and mutual support;
  • provide the opportunity for people with disabilities to work and learn together with their non-disabled peers;
  • expand medical services by providing funding for new equipment;
  • offer support to entire families and pediatric patients that have been diagnosed with cancer;
  • child abuse and domestic violence prevention and recovery;
  • improving access to health services;
  • scholarships to assist in furthering education;
  • inspire young people by providing programs for students that focus on work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Helping them to become essential figures in their communities;
  • offer annual scholarships to help players with the costs of playing hockey.

The Associated General Contractors of Iowa Bravo Awards program was initiated in 2000 to recognize those member firms who are involved in improving the quality of life in their community and who project a positive image for the construction industry through contributions of funds, labor, materials, equipment and leadership. In many communities throughout the state, our members are leading corporate citizens, and with this comes a degree of responsibility for philanthropy. The members honored with Bravo Awards go the extra mile to try to improve the quality of life in their communities through contributions of cash, labor, materials, equipment and project management. Benefactors include community and recreation centers, youth organizations, schools and colleges, charitable organizations, health service groups, and many more. The Bravo Award is the highest award that the chapter can present to a member company.